Ben Miller

Ben Miller is a professor at Emory University in Writing and Quantitative Theory and Methods, and is the Executive Editor of Atlanta Studies. For 20 years, his work has been about how new technologies are used by communities to tell stories of survival and how computational media changes the ways we collectively produce and read stories. Engaging with online collective behavior has led to projects with companies like Riot Games on understanding and moderating hate speech, and with support from groups like the NSF and Department of Defense, on understanding and countering violent extremism. In his role with Atlanta Studies, a decade-long partnership linking many Atlanta academic, civic, and cultural institutions, Ben helps promote public scholarship about the many histories and possible futures of Atlanta and the people who call it home. He also collaborates with urban studies researchers and activists on scholarship and policies that identify manifestations of inequality in housing. Prior to bringing this work to Emory’s Writing Program, Ben helped found the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State, spent a few years in Boston, and taught as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech.