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  • Accessible Data Representations for Screen Reader Users

    Accessible Data Representations for Screen Reader Users

    The AIAI Speaker Series will continue on Wednesday, April 3rd at 4pm at Clark Atlanta, with a lecture by Dr. Marisa Parham, Professor of English & Digital Studies and Director of AADHum (African American Digital Humanities Initiative) at the University of Maryland, College Park.

  • Dan Sinykin

    Dan Sinykin

    Ben Miller is a professor at Emory University in Writing and Quantitative Theory and Methods, and is the Executive Editor of Atlanta Studies. For 20 years, his work has been about how new technologies are used by communities to tell stories of survival and how computational media changes the ways we collectively produce and read…

  • Iris Wu

    Iris Wu

    Iris Wu, an undergraduate at Emory University, is double majoring in Quantitative Sciences with a concentration in Economics, and Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies.

  • Dani Roytburg

    Dani Roytburg

    Dani Roytburg (he/him/his) is a B.S. candidate in Computer Science, Quantitative Theories and Methods, and Architecture at Emory University.

  • Odelia Larbi-Amoah

    Odelia Larbi-Amoah

    Odelia Larbi-Amoah is an undergraduate at Emory University pursuing a degree in Quantitative Sciences and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS). She is interested in how theories regarding race, gender, and class apply to pop culture, film, and literature. They are interested in using data science as well as their interests in WGS and applying it to advocacy…

  • Debbie Olorunisola

    Debbie Olorunisola

    Debbie Olorunisola is an undergraduate at Yale University pursuing a B.S. in Statistics and Data Science.

  • Ra’Niqua Lee

    Ra’Niqua Lee

    Ra’Niqua Lee writes to share her particular visions of love and the South. She earned an MFA in fiction from Georgia State University, and she is currently at Emory pursuing a PhD in African American literature with a focus on spatial and Black queer feminist theories. She is managing editor of Atlanta Studies and Southern Spaces. Her fiction…

  • Roy Chang

    Roy Chang

    Roy Chang is an undergraduate at Emory University pursuing a B.S. in Quantitative Sciences in Economics and a B.A. in Human Health. His interests revolve around using data analytics and emerging digital trends to investigate solutions that promote health equity and social justice in healthcare. In the past, Roy has held a research position at the…

  • Tanvi


    Tanvi is a design technologist and researcher committed to creating progressive and interdisciplinary experiences. She holds an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from New York University, and a BFA in Graphic Design and Political Theory from Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Her work strives to explore alternative ways of understanding the convergence of the social…

  • Culture. Code. Humanity. A conference focused on transforming inspiration to action – ideas to impact.

    P.I. — Imari Oliver, Georgia State University, Goode Stuff Entertainment The Culture. Code. Humanity. conference convenes some of the brightest and most innovative minds for thought-provoking conversations, purposeful activations, and artistic performances across three days designed to— transform inspiration into action – and ideas into impact. Informative discussions on some of the hottest topics, including…

  • Bridging Beliefs: An AI based Text-Mining Approach to Understanding Christian and Islamic Cultures

    P.I. — MinJae Woo, Kennesaw State University The relationship between religion and culture shapes societal norms, values, and people’s behaviors. Religions, often ingrained since childhood, defining social conduct and shaping individual values. Christianity, having served as the religion of the Roman Empire for nearly fourteen centuries, has not only been a cultural cornerstone for Europe but…

  • Feminist Gender Equity AI Toolkit

    P.I. : ANN KAZHINGA HOLLAND, SISTAH SISTAH FOUNDATION Led by African feminists, this project addresses gender biases in AI. The Feminist Gender Equity AI Toolkit is a comprehensive, Africa-focused resource aimed at fostering inclusive and equitable AI solutions.

  • Sandeep Soni

    Sandeep Soni

    Sandeep Soni is an Assistant Professor in the Quantitative Theory and Methods department at Emory University. His research primarily focuses on developing and applying language technology to answer questions about society and culture. The problems that interest him are concerned with modeling the social dynamics of language change, about quantifying linguistic influence, and measuring physical…

  • Shiyao Li

    Shiyao Li

    Shiyao Li is a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science & Informatics at Emory University, primarily concentrates his research endeavors on the detection and quantification of cognitive bias within visual analytics. Shiyao is contributing to the AI and Invisible Labor project, designing and developing visualizations to highlight the invisible labor involved in the development of…

  • Joy Victor

    Joy Victor

    As a data analyst at DataedX, Joy has a keen eye for discovering insights and solving problems with data. She leads the data analysis and visualization efforts of AIAI Network’s Public Interest AI project, organizes the bi-monthly Rebel Tech Newsletter and supports the Black Women in Data community.

  • Dez Miller

    Dez Miller

    Dez Miller is a writer, Atlantan, and PhD candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature at Emory University. Their scholarly work operates at the intersection of digital humanities, urban studies, and environmental literary studies. By contextualizing literary close readings with rhetorical histories gleaned from algorithmic language modeling, they explore how urban water infrastructures shape and…

  • Charmayne Patterson

    Charmayne Patterson

    Charmayne E. Patterson is the Interim Associate Provost for Faculty Success, Director of the Center for Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Engagement, and an Associate Professor of History at Clark Atlanta University. In those roles, she fosters professional growth, supervises Faculty Learning Communities, and champions educational innovation. Her scholarship encompasses a diverse range of topics, including…

  • Brandeis Marshall

    Brandeis Marshall

    Brandeis Marshall is founder and CEO of DataedX Group, LLC. DataedX provides learning and development training to help educators, scholars and practitioners humanize their data practices. Dr. Marshall speaks, writes and strategizes on how to move slower and build better humanity-centered tech. She has been a Stanford PACS Practitioner Fellow and Partner Research Fellow at…

  • Black life, Black data, and other stories about AI and desire

    Black life, Black data, and other stories about AI and desire

    The AIAI Speaker Series will continue on Wednesday, April 3rd at 4pm at Clark Atlanta, with a lecture by Dr. Marisa Parham, Professor of English & Digital Studies and Director of AADHum (African American Digital Humanities Initiative) at the University of Maryland, College Park.

  • Ololade Faniyi

    Ololade Faniyi

    Ololade Faniyi is an African feminist activist-scholar and Ph.D. student in the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies department at Emory University. Her graduate research adopts data-informed methods in investigating usage, affect, affordances, and ethics related to Nigerian (and more broadly African) contemporary gender and sexuality justice within digital networks.

  • Em Nordling

    Em Nordling

    Em Nordling is a PhD candidate in English Literature at Emory University. Their scholarship uses British literature of the long nineteenth century to interrogate the image of the protest crowd as it relates to both the function of collective agency and to the period’s burgeoning biopolitical forces.

  • Ben Miller

    Ben Miller

    Ben Miller is a professor at Emory University in Writing and Quantitative Theory and Methods, and is the Executive Editor of Atlanta Studies. For 20 years, his work has been about how new technologies are used by communities to tell stories of survival and how computational media changes the ways we collectively produce and read…

  • André Brock

    André Brock

    André Brock is an associate professor of media studies at Georgia Tech. He writes on Western technoculture and Black cybercultures; his scholarship examines race in social media, video games, blogs, and other digital media. His book, Distributed Blackness: African American Cybercultures (NYU Press 2020), which theorizes Black everyday lives mediated by networked technologies, was recently named by The…

  • Anh-ton Tran

    Anh-ton Tran

    Anh-ton Tran is a PhD Candidate and in Human Centered Computing at Georgia Tech. He earned his MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design. His practice is based in design-led research, participatory engagement, and ethnography to interrogate systems. His current work unpacks the intricacies of eviction data and the labor involved making them…

  • Carl DiSalvo

    Carl DiSalvo

    Carl DiSalvo is a Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His work combines design, the social sciences, and the humanities to explore the social and political qualities of computing. He is committed to engaged scholarship and partners with communities, civil society, government, and industry throughout his work. He…

  • Contact

    To get in touch with the AIAI Network, please email us at info AT aiai DOT network and a member of the Steering Committee will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop about AIAI Network events, grant offerings, and other opportunities for involvement: * indicates…

  • Empowering Narratives: AI and Artistry in Atlanta’s Creative Communities

    P.I. — JEREMIAH LONG, WEDGE Empowering Narratives merges AI technology with traditional arts to engage underrepresented youths and adults through workshops focused on generating imagery and creative storytelling, fostering creative agency, and exploring interdisciplinary AI career options with local artists and technologists.

  • Seed Grants

    We are thrilled to announce the awardees of our inaugural AIAI Seed Grant program.

  • Speaking of the Divine in an Age of Artificial Intelligence: An ALC on Theology and AI

    P.I. — BRADY BEARD, Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology, Emory University Members of this project will investigate the ways that religion, philosophy, and theology intersect with artificial intelligence. Focus will be given to the underlying principles and theories of AI and machine learning so that the members may reconsider the role of religious belief, practice,…

  • Data, Political Participation, and Being a Usable Past

    P.I. — DANIEL HOROWITZ GARCIA, ALTERNATIVE HISTORIAN This project investigates the role of memory, political participation, and data in the lives of marginalized groups. It explores how people can be usable past in data-driven futures, and examines the impact of AI technologies on their political engagement.

  • The People’s Data on Cop City

    P.I. — CARLEY RICKLES, GEORGIA TECH This project responds to public opposition to ‘Cop City’ by crowdsourcing and visualizing public comments, creating a physical artifact that bridges public access to comments from Atlanta city council meetings through a participatory platform.

  • FuturesAtlanta: Creative Engagement with Generative AI Art as a Method for Designing Local Community Futures with Children in Atlanta

    P.I. : NOURA HOWELL, Georgia Tech This project engages Atlanta’s 10-12 year-olds to address local civic issues impacted by AI through GenAI Art workshops, and foster intergenerational dialogue on urban development.

  • Ethical Coding for DH: A Community Workshop

    Project lead: Em Nordling (Emory University) Project teamNia Judelson (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, English), Em Nordling (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, English)Dez Miller, (Emory Comparative Lit)Alex Cors, (Emory ECDS) This project seeks to facilitate a cross-institutional, interdisciplinary consortium of DH graduate scholars in Atlanta. Building on this foundation, the consortium will coordinate a student-led workshop series in 2024-25, focusing…

  • Lauren Klein

    Lauren Klein

    Lauren Klein is Winship Distinguished Research Professor and Associate Professor in the departments of Quantitative Theory & Methods and English at Emory University.

  • Works in Progress

    Works in Progress

    AIAI / Atlanta Studies Works-in-Progress Series AIAI and Atlanta Studies are joining forces to present the first event in our works-in-progress series, featuring Dr. André Brock (Associate Professor of Media Studies, Georgia Tech) and Anh Ton Tran (Ph.D. Candidate in Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech). Dr. André Brock and Anh Ton Tran on February 29th at…

  • Atlanta Studies + AI

    Project Lead: Ben Miller (Emory, Department of English) Project team: Roy Chang (Emory, Quantitative Theory and Methods), Ra’Niqua Lee (Emory, English), and the Atlanta Studies Editorial Board Over a two-year period, Atlanta Studies looks to publish short and long-form perspectives on how data science, machine learning, and AI shape decisions, policies, and the built environment of…

  • Evictions Counter-Data Project

    Project lead: Anh-Ton Tran (Georgia Tech, School of Interactive Computing) Advised by: Carl DiSalvo (Georgia Tech, School of Interactive Computing) This project combines design, theory, and ethnography to explore how data is created and circulated through the eviction process, the harm that data causes, and the ways activists and residents can document, resist, and design…

  • AIAI Data Collective

    Project lead: Dan Sinykin (Emory, Department of English) Project team: Nia Judelson (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, English), Em Nordling (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, English) Artificial Intelligence is powered by data. When that data is private and opaque, as it is in the AI initiatives at major tech companies, we are prevented from knowing the full ethical and political implications…

  • Public Interest AI

    Project lead: Brandeis Marshall (DataEdX) Project team: Jhoie (Joy) Victor Our Public Interest AI project examines and critiques the interlocking historical, social, political, and technical aspects of the city’s data quality management in relation to the Atlanta Beltline Project. The Atlanta Beltline is a “network public parks, multi-use trails, transit, and affordable housing along a historic 22-mile…

  • AI and Social Movements

    Project lead: Lauren Klein (Emory, Departments of Quantitative Theory & Methods and English) Contributing faculty: Sandeep Soni (Emory, Department of Quantitative Theory & Methods) Project team: Dani Roytburg (Emory, BA ’25, Computer Science and Quantitative Social Sciences), Debbie Olorunisola (Yale, BA ’26 Statistics and Data Science), Dez Miller (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, Comparative Literature), Ololade Faniyi…

  • Talk by Deborah Raji

    Talk by Deborah Raji

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19TH | 4PM | EMORY UNIVERSITY (ATWOOD 360) Join us for a talk by Inioluwa Deborah Raji at Emory University! This in-person event will be held on Thursday October 19th, 4 pm till 5:15 pm, at the Atwood Cheminstry Building, Room 360. (Note change in room location!) Raji will share her insights on “Audits and Accountability in the Age…

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    Please use this form to sign up for the AIAI Network monthly newsletter, which will keep you informed about news and events in the AI research and policy space in Atlanta and beyond. It’s also the best way to stay in the loop about AIAI Network events, grant offerings, and other opportunities for involvement. *…

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  • AIAI Kickoff Event

    On October 4th, we kicked off the AIAI Network with an evening event at the Science Gallery Atlanta. We welcomed over seventy people into our network, drawing from educational institutions across the city as well as from local nonprofits, professional organizations, and small businesses. We ate delicious food, toured the JUSTICE exhibit, and–thanks to the DIY heroics of…

  • AIAI Kickoff Event

    AIAI Kickoff Event

    On Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 at 4 PM at Science Gallery Atlanta we inaugurated the AIAI Network. Read the recap here.

  • Georgia Tech Shines a Spotlight on AIAI Network’s Kickoff

    Georgia Tech’s College of Computing recently shed light on the AIAI Network, talking to co-PI and Steering Committee member Carl DiSalvo, Professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing, about the significance of AIAI for Georgia Tech and for Atlanta. “The Mellon grant provides resources that we didn’t have before,” DiSalvo told reporter Nathan Deen.…

  • AIAI Network Awarded $1.3M from Mellon Foundation

    Is it possible to enlist AI ethically, equitably and in the service of justice? What is the role of the humanities in this pursuit? The Mellon Foundation has awarded $1.3 million to Emory and partners at Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Institute of Technology and the DataedX Group to explore these questions through the creation of the Atlanta Interdisciplinary AI (AIAI)…