AIAI Data Collective

Project lead: Dan Sinykin (Emory, Department of English)

Project team: Nia Judelson (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, English), Em Nordling (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, English)

Artificial Intelligence is powered by data. When that data is private and opaque, as it is in the AI initiatives at major tech companies, we are prevented from knowing the full ethical and political implications of the resulting AI. The AIAI Data Collective is a new project dedicated to modeling transparent and ethical AI data collection, documentation, storage, and sharing. We will complete an environmental scan and literature review to produce a white paper on the state of AI data. From that white paper, we will produce a set of best practices for AI data. We will build a website to house and share potential AI training data according to these best practices, modeling what ethical AI data looks like.