Anh-ton Tran

Anhton Tran is a PhD Candidate and in Human Centered Computing at Georgia Tech. He earned his MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design. His practice is based in design-led research, participatory engagement, and ethnography to interrogate systems. His current work unpacks the intricacies of eviction data and the labor involved making them open and useful to grassroot efforts. Anhton’s work has been recognized at Milan Design Week, Design Biotop, and the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Anhton’s research investigates the generation of an eviction record to trace all of the ways these public records are put into use as data. He has worked with the housing activist non-profit, Housing Justice League, for three years supporting data-related needs for tenant organizing and anti-eviction mutual aid. His work compares and contrasts grassroots eviction data with public eviction records to situate these data sets to useful endeavors and artifacts. Currently his work analyzes the complexity involved in creating and maintaining public records to surface critical considerations for how civic data is used to train and drive decision making in large algorithmic systems