AI and Social Movements

Project lead: Lauren Klein (Emory, Departments of Quantitative Theory & Methods and English)

Contributing faculty: Sandeep Soni (Emory, Department of Quantitative Theory & Methods)

Project team: Dani Roytburg (Emory, BA ’25, Computer Science and Quantitative Social Sciences), Debbie Olorunisola (Yale, BA ’26 Statistics and Data Science), Dez Miller (Emory, Ph.D. ’26, Comparative Literature), Ololade Faniyi (Emory, Ph.D. ’28, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies)

How do ideas move from margin to center? Who are the people behind those ideas? Can machine learning methods help to credit them for their important work?

Using #StopCopCity and #BlackLivesMatter as case studies, we explore the uses–and, crucially, the limits–of AI for the study of social movements.